Monday, October 20, 2008

I Doubt It

pain is what i see know these days. I see people emotionally scarred. Why, I wonder. I honestly want to see everyone happy, just like in the movies. But life isn't like a movie is it. People live with hurt on their hearts. Why?
Why can't people just be happy?
I'm so curious why people are silent, hurt, why people have a shell around their emotions.
I'm curious, can i ask why people look down upon themselves why they cry, and will they give me a straight answer.
I doubt it.
I want insight into these peoples lifes. Will they explain it?
I doubt it.
Some many people think of themselves as a disgrace, will you ever think differently with that kind of hopeful tone?
I doubt it.
I want to help everyone become happy,can I?
I doubt it.
And why do i doubt it, maybe becase i have no hopes of helping because people need to help themselves first. Can they do that?
I ____ it

Believe is the word thats missing, Beleive in your self and you will go far.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

99 deeds

So my good friend Meghan, unintentionally, has inspired me to do good deeds. When she told me she had joined her school newspaper because of my i felt so humble to inspire a kid. Thats what i want to do, i wan to complete 99 more deeds that give hope to people, inspire people, and to help people. I want to help... the world . Thank you meghan.

100. inspire Meghan to join her school newspaper.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Inspire me

Well, here goes a storey of a young boy named Tommy.
He lived with his mom and his sis
and he lives a life of glory
a simple life, a life full of bliss
he had small dreams never talked about them much,
but he would listen with all his heart to his friends pain
he was a poet in his head and a lover just as much
if you talked to him long enough you would know he's insane
Quietly he watched from the shadows ready to talk
But no one ask a favor from the recluse to much
one teacher ask him to express his thoughts
he sat back in his seat and began to slouch
the teacher asked "read your poem"
and he did it with a simple face
" this world has an evil foam
washing all good hearts from this place
greed is what i see
hurt is all i feel
but know i sprout my own tree
forget you all i will remove my seal
you all live in stupidity, always so easy to satisfy
yet we waste food, and wage wars
not caring about whom you affect and pass by
spend so much on gas guzzling cars
for that i hate you
for that i cannot see
why you teachers try so hard to
inspire me"
he sat there furious
they stared so hard
the teacher said something glorious
"Why aren't you doing something about it"

romen was here

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Wow, I cant believe school just started; whats that? i think my happyness just commited suicide. But I don't have to worry my teen angst just kicked in. Time to revolt! I will refuse to do my homework! hahaha take that establishment. That didn't work anybody good at biology? Fuck I don't want to wake up in the morning to write on some stupid paper that some old asshole said was a way to teach me shit. Fuck projects why dont teachers just tell us straigt up facts for 20 minutes and we do group work for another 20 minutes? seems easy is easy. Nope the school wants to bend us over really far and say you get a d for little flexibility. Why can't the teacher say you got an F romen, F for Fantastic. If that happened i would be happy to go to school everyday. Horray for Learning.

I won't fail this Year Romen

Friday, August 22, 2008

summer sucks when bored

I wrote this note because I am borderline bored. There is nothing to do in this time period that we call summer. Everyone is always at a job or going to camps, at this age that shouldn't happen (camps), and I wonder why people are always gone... it's because our parents make us do such crappy things. Some people might disagree with something I said; some people like to work during the summer because it gives them money. Honestly I don't see the problem with mooching off your parents!!! They got the money ask for it!!! and I know from personal experience that parents wont give you money if you flat out ask for it so, do a house chore or pick an activity with your friends that doesn't involve summer fest... or any other damn fest. the thing about this summer is to hang out with your friends HINT HINT >:| just saying that 2/5 people at most will be sitting at home waiting for their cell phone to ring, or even worse sitting at the computer asking people to hang out with them. This is something we cant avoid, this will happen to everyone at least once this summer. So my final pointless point that I was failing to get across because I kept on rambling and got off the subject (that's why I cant get a decent grade on my impromptus) is make plans with your friends early on and no pointless popping up at my house!!! make your plans with all your friends so no one has to be bored again ever in their ever loving life.

sincerely, Romen


Its not uncommon for me to have such sick humor, to be exact most guys my age , more or less, laugh at the painful shit we see happen to people. Its funny, well not to Casey, to see people get kicked while people are doing cartwheels and stuff. Don't feel offended that I hardly care about your safety, I honestly try to hold back most violent thoughts whizzing in my head during conversations. So, don't be so daft, get over it and move on, but I would still laugh if you got hurt i.e. you getting hit by a car is fucking hilarious

dictated not read, Romen


Well apparently Bernie mac died..... but that's not what this note is about. In our life time people hit a certain age where the immature isn't funny anymore, where this is somewhat true, seeing that the immature gay cant stop; sometimes the immature guy can crack a damn good joke that could be funny to himself and not others ( because that is how he rolls| you guys don't have to get the joke!!! as long as its truly funny to the person that cracked it its a good joke!). what I don't get is why people try to undermine a good joke by cracking something witty that makes the jokester look bad ! for Example a guy cracks a penis joke ( and don't act like you haven't, everyone born on this earth has laughed at a penis joke in many shapes and forms i.e puns, and punchlines and a straight out joke) then some asshole says "oh a penis joke you must like penis" let me just say if your not an actual homosexual male that like penis this remark is really OFFENSIVE! And if someone keeps going with the joke don't yell at them to stop ask them nicely because the person gets really really pissed of when some ass fuck * excuse my French :P* rains on the jokesters parade. Like seriously, whats so hard about saying "can you stop please?". Because honestly if someone tells you to stop doing something in a mean/ offensive/ i hate your guts tone.... will you stop? really ask yourself would you stop... no. Look people you've only got one life to live!!! THEN YOU DIE!!! who knows whats on the other side. but do you want to be remembered as the guy who didn't love some jokes, or the guy who cracked them? what I'm trying to say is DON'T CALL A DUDE GAY IF HE CRACKED SOME BONER JOKES :O comedy is sure dead when a person cant laugh at himself and others freely, comedy is dead if someone cant just laugh at a simple joke, COMEDY IS DEAD IF SOMEONE ALWAYS SAYS SOME WITTY REMARKS AFTER SOMEONE MAKES A JOKE!!


Great guy, Romen