Monday, October 20, 2008

I Doubt It

pain is what i see know these days. I see people emotionally scarred. Why, I wonder. I honestly want to see everyone happy, just like in the movies. But life isn't like a movie is it. People live with hurt on their hearts. Why?
Why can't people just be happy?
I'm so curious why people are silent, hurt, why people have a shell around their emotions.
I'm curious, can i ask why people look down upon themselves why they cry, and will they give me a straight answer.
I doubt it.
I want insight into these peoples lifes. Will they explain it?
I doubt it.
Some many people think of themselves as a disgrace, will you ever think differently with that kind of hopeful tone?
I doubt it.
I want to help everyone become happy,can I?
I doubt it.
And why do i doubt it, maybe becase i have no hopes of helping because people need to help themselves first. Can they do that?
I ____ it

Believe is the word thats missing, Beleive in your self and you will go far.


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Rory said...

Yo, start blogging again!