Friday, August 22, 2008

summer sucks when bored

I wrote this note because I am borderline bored. There is nothing to do in this time period that we call summer. Everyone is always at a job or going to camps, at this age that shouldn't happen (camps), and I wonder why people are always gone... it's because our parents make us do such crappy things. Some people might disagree with something I said; some people like to work during the summer because it gives them money. Honestly I don't see the problem with mooching off your parents!!! They got the money ask for it!!! and I know from personal experience that parents wont give you money if you flat out ask for it so, do a house chore or pick an activity with your friends that doesn't involve summer fest... or any other damn fest. the thing about this summer is to hang out with your friends HINT HINT >:| just saying that 2/5 people at most will be sitting at home waiting for their cell phone to ring, or even worse sitting at the computer asking people to hang out with them. This is something we cant avoid, this will happen to everyone at least once this summer. So my final pointless point that I was failing to get across because I kept on rambling and got off the subject (that's why I cant get a decent grade on my impromptus) is make plans with your friends early on and no pointless popping up at my house!!! make your plans with all your friends so no one has to be bored again ever in their ever loving life.

sincerely, Romen

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