Monday, September 15, 2008

Inspire me

Well, here goes a storey of a young boy named Tommy.
He lived with his mom and his sis
and he lives a life of glory
a simple life, a life full of bliss
he had small dreams never talked about them much,
but he would listen with all his heart to his friends pain
he was a poet in his head and a lover just as much
if you talked to him long enough you would know he's insane
Quietly he watched from the shadows ready to talk
But no one ask a favor from the recluse to much
one teacher ask him to express his thoughts
he sat back in his seat and began to slouch
the teacher asked "read your poem"
and he did it with a simple face
" this world has an evil foam
washing all good hearts from this place
greed is what i see
hurt is all i feel
but know i sprout my own tree
forget you all i will remove my seal
you all live in stupidity, always so easy to satisfy
yet we waste food, and wage wars
not caring about whom you affect and pass by
spend so much on gas guzzling cars
for that i hate you
for that i cannot see
why you teachers try so hard to
inspire me"
he sat there furious
they stared so hard
the teacher said something glorious
"Why aren't you doing something about it"

romen was here

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