Friday, August 22, 2008

summer sucks when bored

I wrote this note because I am borderline bored. There is nothing to do in this time period that we call summer. Everyone is always at a job or going to camps, at this age that shouldn't happen (camps), and I wonder why people are always gone... it's because our parents make us do such crappy things. Some people might disagree with something I said; some people like to work during the summer because it gives them money. Honestly I don't see the problem with mooching off your parents!!! They got the money ask for it!!! and I know from personal experience that parents wont give you money if you flat out ask for it so, do a house chore or pick an activity with your friends that doesn't involve summer fest... or any other damn fest. the thing about this summer is to hang out with your friends HINT HINT >:| just saying that 2/5 people at most will be sitting at home waiting for their cell phone to ring, or even worse sitting at the computer asking people to hang out with them. This is something we cant avoid, this will happen to everyone at least once this summer. So my final pointless point that I was failing to get across because I kept on rambling and got off the subject (that's why I cant get a decent grade on my impromptus) is make plans with your friends early on and no pointless popping up at my house!!! make your plans with all your friends so no one has to be bored again ever in their ever loving life.

sincerely, Romen


Its not uncommon for me to have such sick humor, to be exact most guys my age , more or less, laugh at the painful shit we see happen to people. Its funny, well not to Casey, to see people get kicked while people are doing cartwheels and stuff. Don't feel offended that I hardly care about your safety, I honestly try to hold back most violent thoughts whizzing in my head during conversations. So, don't be so daft, get over it and move on, but I would still laugh if you got hurt i.e. you getting hit by a car is fucking hilarious

dictated not read, Romen


Well apparently Bernie mac died..... but that's not what this note is about. In our life time people hit a certain age where the immature isn't funny anymore, where this is somewhat true, seeing that the immature gay cant stop; sometimes the immature guy can crack a damn good joke that could be funny to himself and not others ( because that is how he rolls| you guys don't have to get the joke!!! as long as its truly funny to the person that cracked it its a good joke!). what I don't get is why people try to undermine a good joke by cracking something witty that makes the jokester look bad ! for Example a guy cracks a penis joke ( and don't act like you haven't, everyone born on this earth has laughed at a penis joke in many shapes and forms i.e puns, and punchlines and a straight out joke) then some asshole says "oh a penis joke you must like penis" let me just say if your not an actual homosexual male that like penis this remark is really OFFENSIVE! And if someone keeps going with the joke don't yell at them to stop ask them nicely because the person gets really really pissed of when some ass fuck * excuse my French :P* rains on the jokesters parade. Like seriously, whats so hard about saying "can you stop please?". Because honestly if someone tells you to stop doing something in a mean/ offensive/ i hate your guts tone.... will you stop? really ask yourself would you stop... no. Look people you've only got one life to live!!! THEN YOU DIE!!! who knows whats on the other side. but do you want to be remembered as the guy who didn't love some jokes, or the guy who cracked them? what I'm trying to say is DON'T CALL A DUDE GAY IF HE CRACKED SOME BONER JOKES :O comedy is sure dead when a person cant laugh at himself and others freely, comedy is dead if someone cant just laugh at a simple joke, COMEDY IS DEAD IF SOMEONE ALWAYS SAYS SOME WITTY REMARKS AFTER SOMEONE MAKES A JOKE!!


Great guy, Romen


Communism Failed!!!hahahahahai cant believe people are still trying communism. Karl Marx is an idiot to even think that communism would work. In communism the gov't (for all you blondies that means government) is supposed to eventually fade away. This however is not working because people in power of a weak country would never fade away. Karl "Farts" didnt think about the greed of men when he was thinking up such a stupid idea for a gov't. silly silly guy.

not so stupid, Romen

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't Call me an Oreo

You know if theres one thing I've I learned about white people in my years is that they sure love to claim they're black than some black people. I've come to realize that they're not at all blacker. White people thinks there is one type of black person, the hood gangsta black guy. Gets your heads out of your ass people! what about the church going black man?, the light skinned black man?, the educated black man?, or the guy from a different country black man? but no white people say they are blacker! Look if your skin pigment isn't black your not black, you never will be black, and your not truly black. It's hard to be a minority, and when someone like me who's gotten a break to go to a good school gets called an Oreo, IT'S FUCKIN OFFENSIVE! If i ever hear some white ass thats never even spent the week end in the hood i will explode on them. I HATE IT! I'm no shorewood kid, i just got here, my mom worked so hard to get out of the hood, and she fought hard for me not to go to MPS. I got up this fucking hill of de facto segregation and i don't want to hear white people say they blacker than ME. I may sound white but I'm not white in anyway. SO GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

Surprise Nigga I'm black, Romen


Alright people what happened? Facebook has tricked us into thinking we actually have a social life. Its way worse than myspace. first there was myspace then we moved onto someting better and its kinda scary. Facebook then became addicting, I spend too much time on facebook, and i don't know why. Well facebook tried to do somethin g better by making it look better; people protested the new facebook! Hey, don't hate on whats good bro! New facebook is better but people like the old one better. What im confused about is when will we leave facebook for something else.

how did they make it so addicting Romen

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the importance of grape soda

I can't get over the fact that grape soda rocks. it's really good. At first i thought Grape soda peeshaw! But when you start to talk about it alot it gets you to drink it. and i got to say YUMMY. I want to meat the guy how said "I'll invent soda flavored after a fruit but it totally doesnt tatse like the fruit its flavored after". Well that guy is a genius. Not a genius like me though. Well after thinking about it, its not ironic that im black and i like grape soda, its refreshing. Stereotpyes are not funny, i just like to exploit the fact trhat they are possible. well i love grape soda though. and if you don't well go |||| yourself.

lover of all grape Romen

i might have ADD

Well my faithful readers, i think i have ADD. for some reason i cant seem to focus on what i am writing about. its really true i cant. In English last year i seem to get a C- on every exam i got.... maybe because i just couldn't believe the crap i wrote, my mind just waltzed away and thought about what kind of hamburger helper i had and will have . I also thought about how fake i felt writing a kiss ass paper. The truth is the teachers won't let me write how i felt about the book. i had to write about the themes that surrounded the damn book. Every time i asked if i could write about how i felt i just got that simple head shake from Ms. Tierney. Why cant i just say that book was shit, this book is shit and the last one before that one was shit? I am tired of writing ( Note: i was writing about ADD and now im talking about my school essays). so i have proved that i need help. GREAT!!

sad sad Romen

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Star wars rocks

i just does watch 'em all

Facebook | Neil Majeski's Photos - Profile Pictures

Facebook | Neil Majeski's Photos - Profile Pictures

Michael phelps :D

OMG!!! Michael Phelps to me is like the pink power ranger!!! that means I don't care about Michael Phelps i could give a rats ass about Michael Phelps! whats all the rage about the water boy any ways? ooh he can swim really fast so he has to be the biggest baddest |||||||| on the planet. If anyone saw the commercial with the girl that is freaking out about a guy that spends his day in a pool/ little kids toilet (hahahahaha) you would know that the woman is completely nutters to begin with. Her whole living room was a shrine dedicated to a swimmer. Sounds a little creepy to you? ( that woman earns 5 creeper points every time that commercial airs). woo hoo he won some medals for America, whoopee America you now have even more |||||| medals line up for your free t-shirt and signature from uhhh no one :P . I'm glad to see that we can dominate at swimming so how about we try to do good at the world cup thank you. I cant believe people go crazy over this guy; its amazing to me to see that happen. He's over rated!



Well world, you made me do it. I am now a blogger. I just hope i don't spend my entire rest of my life dedicated to my computer. usually its Facebook! now its Blogging, Facebook, Blogging Facebook. Well its not like i have anything better to do in my life ( It is the summer). At least its not Guitar Hero now. I NEED A NEW HOBBY !!! somebody help me out here i spend most of my time not blinking looking at a monitor now, but who at my age doesn't. At least i didn't sink as low as making web comics ( that's a different thing won't get into that now). What is a teenage boy to do. Well i guess blogging is in! I might as well get a head start on it. I like to think someone will catch wind of my blog; i hope they say "wow chives i like this kids opinion". I highly doubt it though. I will continue this blogging. Hoping that its good.